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With a robust economy, a diverse workforce, and access to global markets, the United States has long been a popular destination for corporations worldwide. Simultaneously, it presents attractive opportunities for qualified foreign nationals with extraordinary ability seeking enhanced job prospects.

Whether you’re a corporation looking for global talent recruitment and retention or an employer aiming to simplify the challenges associated with obtaining visas or green cards for your employees, our Corporate Immigration Services are carefully tailored to meet your distinct needs.

Leading Corporate Immigration Law Firms

At Aguado Immigration Firm, we take great pride in partnering with enterprises of all sizes, industries, and geographies. Our team of business immigration lawyers approaches every case with integrity, ensuring transparent communication and ethical representation throughout the immigration process.

We understand the importance of saving both time and resources while safeguarding your interests. Our legal expertise in the realm of business immigration ensures that your immigration processes are not only efficient but also highly effective, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters – the growth of your business.

How Our Corporate Immigration Attorneys Can Help Your Business?

Reducing Risks:

By keeping up with immigration laws, our business visa lawyers we’ll help you avoid potential problems and delays.

Custom Plans:

We’ll design a customized plan to fit your business requirements, whether you’re in the process of hiring international employees or considering expansion into the U.S. We provide ongoing support, even beyond visa approval, for renewals or changes in status.

Paperwork & Compliance:

We’ll take care of the paperwork and make sure your business meet all the requirements of U.S Immigration Laws.

US Immigration Laws for Multinational and Professionals

These are the Visa Programs that enable foreign corporations to establish a presence in the United States, while also facilitating executives immigration and the immigration of other professionals.

E-2 Visa

Overview of the E-2 visa program

The E2 visa, also known as Treaty Trade Visa is issued to foreign individuals wishing to grow their business in the United States. However, the applicants may be eligible for the program only if they come from states that have a respective treaty with the United States.

Eligibility US Visa requirements for investors and employees

  • Be a citizen of a country that has a treaty of commerce with the United States.
  • Invest a significant amount of money in a legitimate U.S. business or be in the process of doing so.
  • Plan to enter the U.S. primarily to manage and develop the business. This requires either owning at least 50% of the business or having control over it through a managerial position or similar corporate role.

Learn More About E-2 Visa Here

H1-B Visa

Overview of the H1-B visa program

The H-1B visa allows American employers to bring in talented foreign workers for particular roles. These positions are typically found in fields such as technology, finance, engineering, and architecture, and often necessitate a bachelor’s degree or more. This visa is temporary, granting workers permission to stay for a specified duration.

Eligibility requirements for investors and employees

To qualify for the H1B visa, you’ll need:

  • A job offer from a U.S. employer for a specialized role.
  • Evidence of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in that field.
  • Your employer must demonstrate that there aren’t enough qualified U.S. candidates for the job.

What is the H1-B Visa Cap?

The H-1B visa has an annual limit, known as the cap, set at 65,000 new visas per year. There’s an extra 20,000 visas available for those with a master’s degree or higher from a U.S. university.

The visa cap doesn’t apply if you are sponsored by an institution of higher education, its affiliated or related nonprofit entities, a nonprofit research organization, or a government research organization.

L-1 Visa

L1 Visa Overview

The L1 Visa allows a foreign company to transfer managers, executives, or individuals with specialized knowledge to a related U.S. company. The U.S. company should be connected to the foreign company as a branch, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate.

Eligibility requirements 

To obtain an L1 visa, here are the main requirements:

  • There must be a valid connection between the foreign and U.S. companies.
  • The employee coming to the U.S. must have worked full-time for the foreign company for at least 1 year in the last 3 years.
  • The foreign employment should be in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge role.
  • The U.S. job must also be in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.

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