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A Law Firm Advocating
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Your Immigration Journey Begins Here
A Law Firm Advocating
For Your Future
Your Immigration Journey Begins Here

Headquartered in Miami, Florida. We stand as a law firm for immigrants, built by immigrants, bridging cultures and empowering lives through immigration success stories.

We have experience representing a wide array of clients with diverse immigration needs, from individuals seeking new opportunities to multinational corporations looking to establish their presence in the United States.

We are committed to provide personalized and efficient legal counsel that caters to the unique needs of each individual, considering their legal, personal, and professional situations. With a team of highly experienced immigration attorneys, we take the time to understand your specific circumstances, guiding you through the complexities of the U.S. immigration system with honesty and transparency.

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Answers to Top Immigration Queries

An immigration attorney can provide expert guidance and legal representation throughout the complex immigration process, ensuring you understand your rights and options while navigating the often confusing and ever-changing immigration laws.

When choosing an immigration attorney for the United States, you should consider their experience in immigration law, accreditation, reputation, cost transparency, and your comfort with their working style. Ensure that they understand your specific needs and provide you with a clear plan for your case.

The cost of hiring an immigration attorney can vary widely depending on the complexity of your case. The first consultation is an initial step where the attorney assesses your situation and provides advice on the best immigration strategy. After understanding your situation, the attorney will provide a specific price for their services. At Aguado Immigration Firm the first consultation is $50 if you schedule it through the website. We also offer accessible payment plans for helping our clients get rid of obstacles while achieving their goals in the United States.